inflamation of the bowels

I'm 56 2 years ago i had really bad stomach pains and the runs i was going to the toilet about 30 times a day it was dreadful.
Had ct scans and ultrasounds but nothing showed than i had an colonoscopy and they found i had inflamation of the bowels.
I was put on solone it stopped the runs and pain but when i went off them it started again,
Than i went to the health store and took better health plus it made me better i never have a normal bowel movement its always to soft or to hard.
I got it again now so i back on the the solone i dont like taking them can u please suggest something thank you.
I eat really healthy but i must say i like a beer from time to time and also i have reflux

The lack of good bacteria and undigested proteins in the bowels are causing the inflammatory condition going on in your bowels.
Also when the liver is not working the way it should this also can cause your bowels to go from running to hard.
This condition did not come on you all at once. This happened over a period of time.
Here is what I would start with. VitaMarks Probiotics

Why this? Because the bowels need about 5 pounds of good bacteria to be healthy. Good bacteria = good health.

The other thing is the liver. There is no other organ more important for good health. So the other thing would be VitaMarks VitaMurin

You say that your 56 so everyone should be on digestive enzymes. Undigested proteins will cause toxins and so the bowels will want to get rid of these toxins so that is why you can go 30 times a day. So I would use VitaMarks Vi Gest

If you can't get all three. The one thing I would get and stay on is the good bacteria.

The other thing you should consider is my book The 2 Deadly Lies and the 7 faces or stages of disease because it helps you know about the body.

If you need anymore help get in touch using my contact form.
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