Inflammation of the Colon, Starts in the MORNING

by Rahul
(Bangalore, INDIA)

I am Rahul.

First let me thank the site organizers. I'm 27 years old from India. I am happy to see a site like this.

My story of inflammation started from pain in Penis shaft. After so many researches I came to know it was Gilbert's syndrome of liver. But I don't know one thing, why my body is feeling itchy all over. When I go out to sun or even if I exercise indoor. I feel like peeling of my skin and I behave very sadist that time.

Every day morning I feel pain in rectum(anus) and after a longtime stool movement at last mucus will come. I have met so many doctors (Urologists, Gastoentorologists and general doctors also). I am a engineering student, but with my health condition I am studying doctor course in net and meeting doctors. It sounds silly but my lifestyle is worst.

Because of this I have mood swings which upset my family and friends. I am not living a happy life.
I drink tonnes of water, juices, leafy vegetables, green vegetables, sprouts and I left non-veg, Still the condition is same after all care also.

Hi Rahul:

Inflammation of the colon and liver can have a life changing affect on you and many others.

Yes I agree with you about the gilbert's syndrome. Many of the problems that you describe are coming from the liver and the bowels. The itchy feeling is coming from the liver. The liver is involved in giving you energy when you exercise and is burdened down just trying to work, so the skin will get itchy even indoors. If the liver can't get rid of the old dead cells it will cause the skin to get very itchy.

My husband went throw this, when his liver enlarged because he breathed in mold and it went to his liver and almost killed him in Jan of 2009. He also has had problems with inflammation of his bile ducts in the liver and gall bladder.

The inflammation and mucous in the morning is a good thing. Our bowels will make extra mucous to protect itself from all the stomach acid that is mixed in with the food.

You see Rahul the liver and gall bladder should dump bile to stop the stomach acid from eating holes in the bowels. If the liver can't dumped then the bowels will make all that mucous to protect against being eaten up by the acid. At night the body will try to heal and repair and dump anything that is making you sick, --- the following morning.

The pain you feel in the rectum is coming from the liver, because we have a vein from the liver that goes down to the rectum and so you feel the back pressure from there. To get rid of any problems in the rectum, you must clear up the liver and bowel problems.

If our liver is not digesting our food, not cleaning itself then even mood swings will start to happen to us. You and my husband have a great deal in common.

You are eating well, but if you can't digest what you eat you will still have your health problems.

In order to heal you must digest. If you don't digest and eliminate the waste it will sit in the bowels and recirculate back into the liver making it more toxic. I can't stress digestion and elimination from the bowels enough. If you want to heal we must get rid of what is making us sick.

Here is what my husband did for the inflammation of the colon and the liver.

First he took the herb called Dandelion root and Milk Thistle. From the health food store. Then because he couldn't digest any food he went on plant enzymes. The best there is.

He is also on something to clean out the bowel, so the liver has a way to getting the waste out of the body, when it starts to heal, called Herb Cocktail.

After all of this, both of us went on a parasite cleanse. We did the other products for 3 months before going on the parasite cleanse. You must first start to heal, before starting on this type of cleanse. Our body can be loaded with liver parasites called liver flukes. We took Wormwood, Garlic, and Cloves for the last two weeks of the month.

When a person is as sick as my husband was progress can be slow to a person that is feeling really bad, so it is good to look back and see the progress he and others have made on the road to a healthy life once again.

Rahul it may take some time but you too can heal and repair if you give your body the things it needs to heal.

You take care.
Please get in touch if you have any more questions through my contact me page.

Best Regards

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Feb 19, 2011
So what do you use to help the Inflammation?
by: Mona


In this letter that you responded to you mentioned that your husband used Herb Cocktail then in the menu on your site you mention another product you take for inflammation? So which do you really recommend is best?

[Thanks Mona]

Hi Mona, Jolaine here. If you want to cleanse and move out undigested proteins from the bowels which trigger off inflammation then use VitaMarks Vita Fiber Also both Roger and I use a forumla for our liver which will help the liver function better which in turn brings down inflammation called VitaMurin

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