Inflammation Process.

The inflammation process is fascinating.

The reason I want to tell you about the inflammation process comes from always wanting to figure out how things work.

My parents always told me I was curious about everything. They were really right about that. I guess the questions I would ask or the amount, just about drove them crazy. I don't think that stopped me, because I still ask a great deal of questions. I was, and still am fascinated about life.

Lets take a look at this marvelous process and how it works.

Lets just say that you were doing some chores around the house and in a mad rush you cut yourself. This is what will happen next.

First: The nervous system tells the brain something is wrong and, where in the body something is wrong. Our body systems then go into action to help to heal that nasty cut. This is also the same process that happens when a fungus, infection or virus invades our body.

Second: Our body produces and then mobiles inflammation molecules.

Third: Lymphocytes (cells found in our immune system) go rushing towards the injury site.

Fourth: Blood vessels dilate (get larger) so that blood flow can increase, that is why you can see redness and swelling around the injury.

Fifth: Macrophages (also part of the immune system) also travel to the injury. Macrophage is a type of white blood cell, these gobble up anything that should not be there. These gobble up waste or infection that my set in. Think of these cells as the waste disposal of our body.

Sixth: Neutriphils (also another type of white Blood cell) flow into your cut.

Seventh: Blood vessels start to contract.

Eight: Fibrin deposits form around the wound like a net to stop any bleeding. Fibrin is a protein that's involved in clotting so our wound can heal or form a scab.

Nine: The inflammation process slows down and your cut continues to heal. Our immune system get signals that everything is fine and therefore shuts off the inflammation it was sending into the cut area because the danger is over.

I think it is great that this nine step process happens without us even being aware of it.


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