Systemic Inflammation.

Systemic inflammation can have a profound affect on our life. It is more than a small infection.

In medical terms this kind of inflammation involves the whole body without a proven source of infection. Although some in the medical field believe the causes of this serious health condition are surgery complications, pancreatitis, burns, immunodeficiency, severe injury of some kind.

What happens to our protective body mechanism that inflammation goes from being localized to involving our whole body?

An example of how this happens goes like this:

Lets say I'm involved in a serious accident. Our immune system surrounds or corrals the injuries so that foreign bodies cannot cause any further damage.

Sometimes a foreign body can and does escape that corral by way of the lymphatic system or the circulatory system. Our body then keeps the inflammatory response on. It just does not shut itself off as we heal.

That is when it can spread to any other areas of our body. Causing tissue damage and organ breakdown. This can lead to organ failure and in some cases death.

Systemic or ongoing inflammation is one form of inflammation. Therefore we should take any form of inflammation seriously and listen to what our body is saying to us.

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