Ulcerative Proctitis inflammation in the rectum

by Chaitanya.

I am having Ulcerative Proctitis (inflammation in the rectum).
I am passing stool at two to three interval times daily in the morning. I am feeling incomplete colons even after going to motion two to three times in the morning.
Afternoon after having food, intestines starts developing gas and gas will be there till next day morning in the stomach.
I am not sure how free is my body of toxic waste. I feel heavy stomach daily in the afternoon times and evening I feel like to pass the stool.
I stopped in take of non-veg, milk and coffee. Now I started taking of coriander leaves juice daily after food before going to bed for the past one week.

I would be grateful to you if any suggestion given to heal the inflammation in the rectum.


Hi Chaitanya

Most of the problems that we have in the colon and rectum is from having incomplete digestion over a period of time no matter our age.

What happens next is fermentation of our food takes place and causes all kinds health problems.

The next thing that happens is the good flora in the bowels including the rectum become out of balance.

Then inflammation starts and at first you may not notice it but then the symptoms start and get worse, if you don't do any thing about them.

This is what I have do for any problem of the colon and rectum.

Go to my store and get plant enzymes by Avena. They truly are the best. Add their friendly flora. These will stop the gas and bloating you get.

Take Care

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